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We invite practitioners and academics from mathematics, computer science, business/economics, and other fields to participate. There will be about 700 participants at the conference. The scientific program includes 475 presentations. The conference theme, Analytical Decision Making, places emphasis on the process of researching complex decision problems and devising effective solution methods towards better decisions. This includes classical mathematical optimization, statistics, and simulation techniques, yet more and more such approaches are complemented by methods and tools from computer science for the processing of data and the design and implementation of information systems. Recent advances in information technology enable the treatment of big data volumes and real-time predictive and prescriptive business analytics to drive decisions and actions. Problems are modeled and treated under consideration of uncertainty, risk management, behavioral issues, and strategic decision situations. This certainly necessitates interdisciplinary collaborations regarding different scientific areas and application domains.

If you any have questions please contact Andreas Fink and Martin J. Geiger, who are chairing the program and organizing committees. You are invited to come to OR2016 to gain insights, share your expertise with others, recruit your next employees or find your next job, or just enjoy meeting new and old friends that work in the intriguing field of operations research, management science, data science and analytics.