Hamburg has hundreds of hotels in all price ranges. While it is usually possible to find a hotel on short notice, we recommend to reserve hotel rooms not too late (due to the holiday times in late summer). There are only a few hotels in city quarters near the conference location (campus of the Helmut-Schmidt-University, Holstenhofweg 85, 22043 Hamburg), thus many conference participants may stay in hotels near the city center. We recommend to pay attention to public transport connections (e.g., hotels with a good connection to the U-Bahn line U1 appear to be preferable).

While one may use any of the usual hotel booking services to select a favored hotel, the organizers of the conference have also selected several affordable, well-connected hotels (for the locations see the map below).
In these hotels a limited number of rooms are blocked for conference participants (for the period 30 Aug - 02 Sept). The cancellation terms depend on the hotel and will be described in the hotel's reservation confirmation; in any case a cancellation will be possible up to a week before the conference. Reservations for hotel rooms will be allocated directly by the respective hotels on a first-come first-served policy (without involvement of the conference organizers). The listed prices for the following hotels with room reservations for OR2016 are per night incl. breakfast.

A&O Hostel
Hamburg City
59.40 € Booking: expired
Crowne Plaza
Hamburg City Alster
119.00 €139.00 € Booking: expired
ibis Hamburg
89.00 €110.00 € Booking: expired
ibis Hamburg
95.00 €121.00 € Booking: expired
ibis budget Hamburg
City Ost
63.50 € Booking: expired
by Underdog Hotels
98.50 € fully booked
Motel One
88.50 €103.50 € Booking: expired
Novotel Suites
Hamburg City
118.00 € Booking: expired

The map shows the hotel locations (markers) and the conference location (star marker, in the east).