Pre-Conference Workshops

We will host three pre-conference workshops on Tuesday, August 30, 2016.
Participation in each workshop is limited, yet all registrations that are sent to us as long as the registration is not noted as closed for the particular workshop (see below) should be regarded as confirmed.
To register for the GAMS or for the IBM workshop please drop us a short e-mail at
The conference desk (same building) will be open so that you can check-in early.

Workshop: GAMS - An Introduction


Speaker: Frederik Fiand, Tim Johannessen

When/Where: Tuesday (Aug. 30), 15:00-17:00, Seminarraum 401/402 (Main Building H1)

This workshop will show you how to use the General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS) in an efficient and productive way. The key concepts of GAMS and the fundamentals of the language (e.g. sets, data, variables, equations) will be introduced. The largest part of the workshop will consist of hands-on exercises building an optimization based decision support application from scratch, illustrating how GAMS supports an easy growth path from small and simple to larger and more sophisticated models. Along the way we will look at some of the data management tools included in the GAMS system and show how to analyze and debug large problems using the various tools available within GAMS.

Workshop: Gurobi - Hands-on Modeling with Python

Gurobi Logo

+++ Registration is closed! +++

Speaker: Dr. Sonja Mars, Dr. Kostja Siefen

When/Where: Tuesday (Aug. 30), 14:00-17:00, Seminarraum 101/103 (Main Building H1)

While Gurobi supports a full range of programming and modeling languages, even experienced users of other languages often tell us how easy it is to use Python to develop and solve optimization models.

In this hands-on workshop, we will provide an introduction to Python as well as the Gurobi Python API. We’ll then walk through examples illustrating some key concepts, features and benefits of modeling with Python. In addition, we’ll cover the use the Gurobi Interactive Shell as well as the Anaconda Python distribution and Jupyter Notebooks.

There will be time for questions both during and at the end of this workshop.

Workshop: IBM Decision Optimization

IBM Logo

Speaker: John Chaves (IBM Optimization Solutions Architect), Dr. Hans Schlenker (IBM Decision Optimization Product Management)

When/Where: Tuesday (Aug. 30), 15:00-17:00, Seminarraum 405/406 (Main Building H1)

Part 1 (J. Chaves) - RESTing with IBM Decision Optimization Center (DOC)
This session will discuss solve implementation options for DOC-based applications (on-premise vs. DOCplexCloud) and how to integrate or remote-control your DOC applications using the REST API. We'll walk through some existing, live implementations, show a few live examples, and explore what's in the realm of possibilities.

Part 2 (H. Schlenker) - News on IBM DOcplexcloud and Decision Optimization Center
We will give you an update on the latest release of IBM Decision Optimization Center (DOC) and IBM Decision Optimization on Cloud (DOcplexcloud). We hope that we can excite you a bit - there is quite some pretty cool stuff in it!